...I was pleasantly surprised in most aspects...
...It excels in bringing air, saturation or easily constructed yet complex delay patterns to different parts of your mix. Simple leads... became otherworldly while tuning in to the more esoteric parts of Reflex Pro...
Reflex has been slain, long live Reflex Pro!


Robert Halvarsson

wusik sound magazine




 VST Ambience generator

REFLEX free is capable of generating huge spaces, short rooms,  or chorus like modulations through a cascade of regenerating delays. It's sound is a mixture of straight stereo delays followed by a dense cloud of reflections. It achieves a huge and spacey wideness with a decent amount of the two modulation sources.


  • Short reflections up to endless reverberation
  • Delay/Reverb Modulation
  • Two modulation shapes
  • Lean GUI
  • Low on CPU

Changes in V1.1:

  • Additional Locut filter in the feedback line
  • New GUI
  • Fixed samplerate bug - Works with all sample rates correctly now
  • Heavily reduced memory occupation


Minimum System Requirements:


Processor: Pentium III/AMD with SSE support
Speed: 1200 MHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Operating system: Windows 2000 or XP or newer

Host application: VST 32 bit compatible host software

(Cubase, Nuendo, FL studio,Reaper etc.) 


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