REFLEX+ V2 is out now!

REFLEX+ V2 includes many new features and enhancements over V1 and thus it's the ideal tool for spacy ambience effects. One of the most demanded features is preset functionality. REFLEX+ V2  includes its own preset managment which works independent of  host or plugin format.  REFLEX+ V2 ships with over 70 factory presets which cover a wide variety of sounds making use of original and enhanced V2 features like:

  • Pan modulation
  • Two new time modes (X-Delay I+II)
  • Two independent effect slots (Reflex lines)

REFLEX+ V2 is fully compatible with V1 parameter settings.

REFLEX+ V2  is a free update for all existing customers. New customers can get it for an introductory offer of

29.-€ until end of February 2015!!

Full prize will be 39.-€ including VAT.