Q: Do you provide Demo versions, and where can I find them?

stw-audio provides demo version of all plug ins at the appropriate product pages or directly from the download section. We strongly advise to use the demo version for testing our products on your system before purchasing a license!

Q: My plug-in does not appear in my host. What can I do?

On macOS High Sierra and newer, AU plug-ins maybe not showing up in your host immediately after installation. Please reboot your Mac once. After that the new AU plug-in(s) should show up.

Q: I lost or cannot find my serial number(s). What should I do now?

Please contact us via our contact form. We'll try to send your purchased licenses to you as soon as possible.

Q: Can I transfer my stw-audio plug-in licenses to someone else? ?

Yes, you can. All legal transfers have to be handled by stw-audio and are bound to a handling fee of 10€ after the first 6 months of your ownership and 5€ afterwards. If you wish to transfer your license please contact us via our contact form. with a transfer request. We'll get back to you with the required instructions. NFR(NotForResale) licenses can not be transferred in any case.

Q: On how many computers can I use my stw-audio licenses?

stw-audio licenses are bound to persons. You may use these licenses on different computers or systems if you're the one using them.