Hotfix for REFLEX-PRO-X 1.2.0

We updated  REFLEX-PRO-X 1.2.0 to revision r14. This is a hotfix for a potential crash when selecting a tap tempo target and was introduced with the new colouring option. Beside that a false delay parameter label issue was resolved when loading a new instance of REFLEX-PRO-X.


Download the Hotfix from the REFLEX-PRO-X download section

REFLEX-PRO-X Update V 1.2


New features and some fixes to improve your REFLEX-PRO-X experience!
And again as a bonus you'll get over 40 new and inspiring presets.
It's free update for all REFLEX-PRO-X owners!

List of changes:
  • Colour scheme option. Select your favourite GUI colours
  • Options page
  • 2 Additional Master Limiter modes
  • Additional Lo-/Hipass filter combo FX with variable slope
  • Feedback mode selector for backward delay
  • Reduced output level of NOISE FX module
  • Changed: Better error user feedback

  • False S&H trigger in LFO
  • Possible loss of FX selection when changing presets
  • Wrong PopUp menu location in some hosts on Retina displays
  • Missing modulation link to PhaserFX 'Depth' parameter.
  • Ignoring Bypass on some host in VST3 version
  • False filter init in Drive LP/HP
  • False label of Drive LP/HP filter slope

REFLEX-PRO-X Update V 1.1

REFLEX-PRO-X is updated to version 1.1!
This update includes new features, an enhanced GUI and some fixes.
The manual also got a big overhaul! As a bonus you'll get over 40 new and inspiring presets.
It's free for all REFLEX-PRO-X owners!

List of changes:
- Nudge left/right for  Tap Delay step values
- Tap Tempo
- Input Attenuator
- Swing parameter in Tap Delay Mode
- Clipboard paste at Register Page
- Some GUI enhancements

- Minor GUI glitches
- Bug which could prevent writing of user presets
   into User Preset folder.
- Master Limiter acted unequal on left/right channels

REFLEX-PRO-X Minor Update

REFLEX-PRO-X is updated to version 1.0.2. Get the latest installers from the Product page


Changes from 1.0.1:

⁃    Fixed: Occasional reg validation failures.
⁃    Fixed: Output of false ENV monitor signal.
⁃    Changed: Presets can only be saved into User Preset folder.

REFLEX-PRO-X is born...


Finally after decades of waiting and endless delays of release schedules it's here. Yes it is!!
And we hope you like it as much as we do!




4 true stereo delay slots - 4 delay modes - feedback matrix - >20 selected customizable semi modular effects - lots of modulation sources - modulation logic - master fx section - countless combination possibilities - ...



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Please read the updated privacy policy on our web site.


Congrats Propellerhead!


Finally they made the long awaited move to integrate VST plug ins into REASON!

After some testing i'm pleased to announce that REFLEX+ works seamless inside Reason on OSX and Windows PC.


From now on all Reason Users can benefit from stw-audio plugs.


So welcome - Reason users.

REFLEX-PRO-X preview

Just got into the mood of recording a short melody when testing grain and backward delay modes of the REFLEX-PRO successor REFLEX-PRO-X.

I'm still in alpha stage with it but am working hard to get it released soon. Stay tuned...

REFLEX+ V3.0.1 update

stw-audio goes AAX!


REFLEX+ V3.0.1 is available in the download section.

This update introduces AAX plugin format for Avid ProTools systems on Mac and Windows!

REFLEX+ V3.0.1 supports 32bit and 64bit architecture and is compatible with ProTools 10 and newer.

This update also covers an automation bug on some AU hosts.


REFLEX+ V3.0.1 is a free update for all REFLEX+ customers

REFLEX+ V3 out now!

REFLEX+ V3 has grown up and introduces a whole bunch of exciting new features which will lift your REFLEX+ experience to a new level!

Main update features are:

  • Filter and Amp modulation
  • Syncable LFO with variable target and output settings
  • Individual Panorama and Filter spreading for each REFLEX line
  • 5 new Filter modes with enhanced routing settings
  • Individual filter settings for each REFLEX line
  • Syncable delay times
  • REFLEX line Solo listening
  • Input Gain split
  • VST3 support
  • ... a lot of minor improvements. REFLEX+ V3 ships with more than 60 inspiring new presets covering a lot of the new features.

REFLEX+ V3  is a free update for all existing customers.

Pro Tools beta testers needed

I'm happy to announce that V3 of REFLEX+ is soon to be released.
Lots of enhancements as well as  VST3 and AAX support is waiting to go public.
However to take the last step i need some final testing and especially need some beta testers for Pro Tools on Mac and Windows.

If you like to participate please contact me through the contact form. Please include your system specifications, your prior experience beta testing, and the platform you'll be testing on.
So if you're bounded to Pro Tools and like to participate feel free to drop me a note. I'd be glad to send some betas out.


REFLEX+ V2 is out now!

REFLEX+ V2 includes many new features and enhancements over V1 and thus it's the ideal tool for spacy ambience effects. One of the most demanded features is preset functionality. REFLEX+ V2  includes its own preset managment which works independent of  host or plugin format.  REFLEX+ V2 ships with over 70 factory presets which cover a wide variety of sounds making use of original and enhanced V2 features like:

  • Pan modulation
  • Two new time modes (X-Delay I+II)
  • Two independent effect slots (Reflex lines)

REFLEX+ V2 is fully compatible with V1 parameter settings.

REFLEX+ V2  is a free update for all existing customers. New customers can get it for an introductory offer of

29.-€ until end of February 2015!!

Full prize will be 39.-€ including VAT.


REFLEX+ V2 coming soon

REFLEX+ V2 is right at the end of beta testing and about to be released until end of January.
V2 includes some long awaited features like preset management and much more!

  • a second delay unit,
  • new time modes,
  • and an additional pan lfo

extend its unique lively and atmospheric sound to new level.

REFLEX+ V1.1 update available

A first update for REFLEX+ is ready for download.

This update mainly covers two important bugfixes.

  • If more than one instance of REFLEX+ were used in the same project some parameters could be changed remotely for all instances by the active one.
  • Some LFO settings in combination with low size settings could lead to high feedback bursts.


Please download the new installers from the Product page or the download section and install.




stw-audio is going native...!!

We're proud to announce that our first native plugin is available NOW!


REFLEX+ is available for Mac and PC as 32 and 64bit compatible VST/AU plugin.


After a long period of silence we're finally breaking a new ground. The long awaited Mac and 64bit plug in compatibility is there.

This is our first step in native c++ programming and will be the starting point of future releases. Next goal will be the port of REFLEX PRO beside other upcoming products which will take a while due to their way more complex structure.


We will spread information of any progress on this in this blog. Stay tuned...



Download the Demo Version and take it for a spin. Be prepared to be amazed...


Online Shop

Our online shop has moved...

All future purchases are processed from our reseller MyCommerce.

Reflex Pro V2 Skin pack available

A bundle with four new skins is available in the download section.

Light Blue, Metal Slits, Red and White.

This makes a total of nine skins to change RPs appearance to your personal taste.

Please read the included "Read me.txt" for installation instructions.



REFLEX PRO V2.2 update released.

REFLEX PRO V2.2 is ready for download. The update contains some fixes and new features and includes the "Preset Update Pack2" with 40 additional presets!


- Audio dropout with extreme Resonance modulation settings on the Butterworth filter
- broken wrap at LFO stepping
- false Preset name storing (host vst data)
- false storing of some LFO parameters (host vst data)

- Data and Preset Folder moved into Program data folder

- "Skinability". Change Reflex Pro appearance with new background bitmaps
- LFO sync to Song Position Pointer

REFLEX PRO V2.1 hotfix

REFLEX PRO is updated to V2.1r1 and ready for download.

This hotfix covers a bug which could occour with some 64bit hosts. "Rotation" settings which reached the 100% limit could lead to a distorted noise.


Though REFLEX PRO V2 runs fine with my testing environment in 64bit hosts using "jbridge", i strongly recommend to do intese testing with your own DAW yourself before buying the PlugIn if you're going to use it with a 64bit host!


REFLEX PRO V2.1 is ready for download. The update contains some fixes and new features and includes the "Preset Update Pack1" with 40 new and exciting presets:


- Automation read Decay A/B
- False hilight link button
- Corrupted VST host storing of changed LFO waves 

- New LFO waves
- LFO gate feature
- Individual feedback including randomize and memslots
- Inverse midi controller assignment

- Renamed filter 2 to "chebyshev"

Hotfix for REFLEX PRO V2

I discovered circumstances which caused some troubles in different situations.

So here's a hotfix for the V2 release.

Please download V2r1 from the download section.



- "Save as" didn't recall the saved preset.

- Wrong hilighting of all save buttons

- Filter spread of single Phase Filters was corrupted

- Ambience level was limited to 100% though showing up to 150%

- Typo in LFO wave name caused malfunctional stepping



REFLEX PRO V2 is available now. It's the successor of REFLEX Pro and contains some major improvements and new features.

An extensive enhancement in the variety of sound creation.


Visit the product page for detailed infos and grab the full functional Demo Version now!


Don't miss our special "End of the world/Year of the apocalypse" introduction price and save more than 40% over the normal price!


The update is FREE for all REFLEX Pro customers!

REFLEX Pro Review

Reflex Pro is reviewed in the Wusik Sound Magazine Feb/2012!

Read the complete article here:

REFLEX PRO V2 coming in March 2012

I'm happy to announce that REFLEX Pro V2 will be released in early March 2012.
V2 contains some major changes:

- New categorized and improved Preset management
- More LFO waves
- Additional saturation and LoFi modes
- New Filter routings and types
- Decay modulation
- LFO depth and rate modulation
- Additional "Individual feedback level" mode
- New ambience section
- Bigger GUI
- More than 200 presets

These changes enhance the flexibility and sound vartiety of REFLEX Pro.
The update will be free for all V1 customers!

As a teaser a short clip featuring one of the new presets:

Support Forum at KVR


stw-audio has a new home for support at KVR!

Open for discussion, questions, and help requests.


Here you go


cu there

REFLEXfree Update V1.1

REFLEXfree is updated to Version 1.1



  • Additional Locut filter in the feedback line
  • New GUI
  • Fixed samplerate bug - Works with all sample rates correctly now
  • Heavily reduced memory occupation


Download it from the Product page

Release of REFLEX Pro

After two months of beta testing and bug hunting RELEASE Pro is ready for its release and I'm happy to finally  present it after a long time of waiting!


Here's a short description:


4 channel multi FX Delay:


VST Ambience FX unit.

REFLEX Pro is  the big brother of our initial release REFLEX free.

It covers a wide range from generic delay up to spacy ambience, droning pads or even heavy distortion effects. Preconfigured intuitive and yet flexible and with countless routing and sound variations.

A perfect companion for unique ambience effects!


Listen to some sounddemos here


and get into deatils at the product page.


REFLEX Pro is going beta

REFLEX Pro reaches beta stage and is announced to be released in November 2011

Release of REFLEXfree

 The first PlugIn release is done !

REFLEXfree is a mixture of delay/reverb unit and creates short rooms as well as endless reverberation. Modulation creates a wide ambience.  And the best of it... It's absolutely free!

Watch the demo movie.

I hope you enjoy it.


Get it HERE

Launch of website

After a long time of hesitation and development on different VST Plugs and more...

And finally after some (many) hours of design and content filling i'm happy to have this site up and running. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do and find some interesting and valuable stuff.

You can get my finished VST PlugIns which are designed for Windows only right now. Maybe they'll manage the crossing over the fruit river in future, maybe not.

However time will tell if i'll publish other things than that.

If you're interested in upcoming releases you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

Stay tuned and have a good day!


Best regards, Stefan