VST Ambience generator

REFLEX free is capable of generating huge spaces, short rooms,  or chorus like modulations through a cascade of regenerating delays. It's sound is a mixture of straight stereo delays followed by a dense cloud of reflections. It achieves a huge and spacey wideness with a decent amount of the two modulation sources.


  • Short reflections up to endless reverberation
  • Delay/Reverb Modulation
  • Two modulation shapes
  • Lean GUI
  • Low on CPU

Changes in V1.1:

  • Additional Locut filter in the feedback line
  • New GUI
  • Fixed samplerate bug - Works with all sample rates correctly now
  • Heavily reduced memory occupation


Minimum System Requirements:


Processor: Pentium III/AMD with SSE support
Speed: 1200 MHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Operating system: Windows 2000 or XP or newer

Host application: VST 32 bit compatible host software

(Cubase, Nuendo, FL studio,Reaper etc.) 

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